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Welcome to the Introduction of BPP CRYPTO. We are a Large Premium project over 16 months in the Making. Transforming the Defi Token space to be cool and easy to use for beginners or veterans in the crypto space. We have created over 8 Utilities already ranging from a multi chain swap, multi chain launch pad, token LP locking, web version trade bot, staking, farming & an NFT market place to name just a few.

BPP has partnered with Pixlface.com to create all the art you will see for the entire project. Pixlface has known work for clients such as Enimem, Travis Barker & Steve Aoki to name just a few. You can expect to see top growth , function and style while using the BPP ecosystem. Street Panther is designed for our Urban Clothing brand and merchandise launching in 2024.

The BPP Multi Chain Swap is in its final stages on the front end. Projects that qualify maybe white listed into the swap. From Polygon, Ethereum and Avax the BPP swap offers a 1 stop shop for all your crypto needs. Ad space will be available soon for projects looking for more exposure.

We designed our web version trading bot to allow users to copy and paste in a contract address they choose for coins and tokens. For only $5 month subscription fee this bot will give you extra sleep and confidence taking and low or high buy/sell command. We are currently working on a single tiered referral system before placing the BPP trader bot live.

Welcome to The Launch Pad. The nicest Looking and best functions in the industry. Setup your very own presale (approval needed) on many different chains. A Great low cost platform to introduce your project on.